Producer: Alberti

Region: Benevento, Campania 

Producer Info: 

Strega Alberti’s roots stretch back to 1860 in Benevento with the creation by the founder Giuseppe Alberti, together with his apothecarist father, of a recipe for a herb–based liqueur. The name is drawn from the myth of the Witches of Benevento and the love potion legends: Strega Liqueur. 

In addition to the liqueur which made it famous, Strega Alberti today produces a wide range of specialty products, from liqueurs to confectionery, with the same care, quality and attention to detail for which they have always been known.

Tasting note:

A perfect balance of flavour and aroma. The skilled infusion method of lemon peels selected by master distillers culminates in a limoncello characterised by an intense aroma coupled with a rich, velvety and juicy flavour. Suitable for all occasions, Limoncello Strega is also an excellent end-of-meal digestif.

Alcohol (%): 28%