Producer: Rossa Distillery


Region: Catania, Sicily

Producer Info:

Near the slopes of Mount Etna are acres of blood orange trees, part of an ancient farming tradition in Sicily. Rossa is a new and innovative company, made by the passion of a new generation of entrepreneurs from Sicily, deeply in love with the island, its countless resources and its genuine products.

Tasting note: A brighter, more feminine, style of Amaro that is complex and delicious. It is floral, fruit-forward, mineral, and long with red berry fruits and herbs building on the finish. This is simply a fantastic after dinner drink or as a Spritz.


Production: Made with the local variety of blood orange, Tarocco, which is one of the main varieties grown in the rich soil of the hillsides of Mount Etna. The peel is carefully extracted and blended with special bitter herbs and sugar.

Alcohol (%) 30%