Pandolfa & Noelia Ricci Tasting - Sat 29th July - $30pp - 1pm

La Cantina goes to Emilia Romangna with Pandolfa

Join us as we take a journey through the range of Pandolfa Estate and their artisan label Noelia Ricci from the Emilia Romagna region. The wines will be presented alongside regionally inspired anitpasto.

The Pandolfa Estate

An estate full of history, who’s origin is lost in the tales of knights, intrigue and countless battles and wars. It’s an estate which has seen a lot over the years, named after a bold military leader, Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta from the mid-1400’s. The property was then taken over by Commander Giuseppe Ricci in 1941, an entrepreneur from Forli, Emilia Romagna.

In the years to follow, the estate was home to many tragic events throughout WW2. It was occupied by the Germans and the attacked by Polish troops, whilst many displaced locals found shelter in its underground cellars.

The recent history of the estate however, owes much to the daughter of the commander, Noelia Ricci, who in 1980 first thought of Pandolfa as a wine business and built their beautiful winery.

The estate itself covers 140 hectares, of which 40 are planted mainly to Sangiovese as well as Trebbiano, Chardonnay and a few other experimental varieties.

Their aim here is to make a pure expression of Sangiovese as it is known in Emilia Romagna. Through extensive research conducted in the Chianti Classico research project in 2000, results surprisingly showed that two of the finest clones, R24 and T19 actually originated from Emilia Romagna. The clones showed sumptuous mulberry and bright cherry flavours along with a fresh and juicy mid palate structure. These wines really test what we know about the variety and how versatile it can be.

Noelia Ricci

From the inception of the Pandolfa label, their aim has always been to showcase Sangiovese in the best possible light with minimal wine making intervention and care of the land.

The wines of Noelia Ricci come from the best performing vineyards in the Pandolfa estate, managed by Noelia’s grandson, Marco.

Tickets are strictly limited.
Saturday 29th July | 1pm | $30 per person
Bracket 1:
2015 Pandolfa Battista Bianco
2015 Noelia Ricci Bro Bianco
Bracket 2:
2015 Pandolfa Federico Sangiovese
2014 Pandolfa Pandolfo Sangiovese
Bracket 3:
2015 Noelia Ricci Il Sangiovese
2011 Pandolfa Pandolfo Riserva
2014 Noelia Ricci Godenza
Amaro Montenegro
Accompanied by regional specialties:
Crostini and fresh Focaccia
Rocket, Tomato and Aceto Balsamica fresh salad
Charcuterie selection of Parma Prosciutto, Culatello, Mortadella, Salame
Parma Reggiano and Grana Padano cheeses