Producer: Lucano

Region: Basilicata, italy

Producer Info:

Amaro Lucano was originally created in 1894 by Pasquale Vena, a pastry chef who blended more than 30 herbs into a wonderful tincture. In 1900 Amaro Lucano gained notoriety all over the Kingdom of Italy, after the Vena family became the official supplier to the House of Savoy, whose coat of arms appears on the label.

In 1950, the workshop became an industrial enterprise under the management of Vena's sons Leonardo and Giuseppe and in 1965 a new factory in the frazione Pisticci Scalo was opened.

Tasting note: Amaro Lucano is made with over 30 herbs, some of them being wormwood, absinthe gentile, clary sage, achillea moscata, cardo santo, sweet orange, angelica, gentian, elder, rue and aloe to name but some of the ingredients.

Production: The best herbs from around the world are selected, naturally dried, and crushed for subsequent phases. Each herb or blend of crushed herbs is steeped in a hydro-alcoholic solution (pure alcohol and water). Afterwards, the maceration process takes place overnight in a thermostatic bath (55-60 degrees centigrade). When the delicate maceration phase has ended, the mixture is pressed in special presses to obtain different intense, fragrant infusions. The infusions obtained are accurately measured and mixed with essential oils, pure alcohol, and pure water to obtain the extract. For perfect results, the mixture is left to decant in large tanks, protected from humidity and sunlight that could alter its organoleptic properties. The decantation phase lasts between 3 and 4 months. During this period, heavier sediments deposit on the bottom of the tank while lighter ones rise to the surface. Only the heart of the extract will be used to form the main ingredient of Amaro Lucano. Pure water, sugar, pure alcohol and caramel are added to the extract to make the liqueur. Laboratory tests are carried out during this phase. If the product satisfies requirements, it is stored in large stainless steel tanks. The liqueur is filtered and tested again.

Alcohol (%) 28%