Producer: Evangelista Liquori

Region: Abruzzo

Producer Info: Evangelista Liquori Punch Abruzzo is a common Italian liquor that is known for its rich bouquet, syrupy texture and sweet flavor. Punch Abruzzo was first produced in Borrello, a cold mountain village. The mayor, Antonio Evangelista, would prepare a special drink with rum, citrus and coffee to keep warm. He heated the drink over the fireplace, and his neighbors and friends could smell the heady scent. Because he received so many requests to try it, the mayor began preparing the drink for his close friends. In 1907, he made a few improvements to the drink and called it Punch Abruzzo.

Tasting note: A masterly fusion of natural ingredients (rum, citrus fruits and coffee). Once appreciated as a drink to sip hot in winter time, today for its rich and unique bouquet it is also enjoyed cold with ice. As a digestive, it can be a pleasant conclusion to the end of a meal.

Alcohol (%): 35%