Tuesday 2nd August | 6pm - 7:30pm, $40pp

We love Grappa.

The purity and finesse that true master distillers can instill in their spirit is often stunning, reflecting the varieties and the land that crafts it. Making Grappa is a reasonably straightforward process, but the distillery needs the right equipment and the right material to make a good quality product. The best producers understand that their equipment is a vessel through which the grape's true character should be expressed. 

This class will show you the wonders and complexities of clear Grappa, aged Grappa as well as liqueur Grappa whilst being carefully matched to Italian stuzzichini. This will help bring out subtle flavours in the Grappa as well as compliment the flavours of the food.

At the end of the tasting you will also get to enjoy a bowl of pasta as we can't let you go home after a Grappa tasting on an empty stomach

On tasting 
Marolo Grappa di Arneis RRP $94.00
Matched with Bacalao Crostini
Marolo Grappa di Nebbiolo RRP $90.00
Matched with Marinated roast vegetables & San Daniele Prosciutto Crostini
Marolo Grappa di Moscato RRP $90.00
Matched with Suppli [Deep-Fried Saffron rice balls]
Marolo Grappa di Moscato 'Apres' 5yr old RRP $100.00
Matched with grilled Lardo, Asiago cheese, honey & black pepper Crostini
Marolo Grappa di Barolo 9yr old RRP $131.95
Matched with grilled Fontina cheese, mushroom & Panchetta Affumicata Crostini
Marolo 'Milla' Camomile Liqueur RRP $78.00
Matched with Strega flavoured Bavarese custard slice
You will also receive a bowl of pasta to whet your appetite and line your stomach with sustenance before we embark on the long Grappa journey
There are only 20 seats available so be sure to book in ASAP, $40 per person.