2017 Occhipinti SP68 Rosso

Producer: Arianna Occhipinti

Grape: 20% Nero D’Avola & 80% Frappato

Pronunciation: ‘Fra-pat-to’ “Neh-ro Dah-Volla’

Region: Vittoria, Sicily

Zone: IGT of Sicily

Producer Info:

Arianna Occhipinti is one of the hottest names in Italian wines. Her natural wines are highly sought after with the demand far outstrip- ping the tiny production. The estate is about 15 km from the Mediterranean with the vineyards planted at 250 metres above sea level. The vineyard is planted to Frappato & Nero d’Avola and is run on bio-dynamic principles and all fruit is hand harvested. The winemaking process is natural with fermentation occurring spontaneously, no temperature control, no fining, no filtration and only minimal sulphur additions at bottling. The style of Occhipinti is fresh and pure with incredibly cool fruit. The wines are delicate yet full flavoured and glide across the palate.

Tasting note: Almonds, dusting of exotic spice and pepper, blue fruit and black jellybean. Lighter style here, and all the better to eat you with! Fresh raspberry acidity and flavour with grainy dusty tannin and a fresh sweet cherry finish. So delightful." Gary Walsh

Growing System: Guyot

Soil Composition: Red sand with chalk subsoil

Production: 30 days of skin maceration. Aged six months in stainless steel vats, 1 month in bottle. Unfiltered

Alcohol (%) 12.5%