Producer: Fontanafredda

Grape: Arneis 100%

Pronunciation: ‘Are-neys’

Region: Piemonte, Italy

Zone: DOCG of Roero Arneis

Producer Info:

Today Fontanafredda is a co-owner Oscar Farinetti - famous Italian businessman and founder of the "slow food". The company is one of the largest wineries and produces more than 4 million. Bottles of sparkling wine and 2.5 million. Bottles of "quiet" wines. Produced wines are part of its own raw materials, and partly - from raw materials farmers with small vineyards and long-term contracts with Fontanafredda. Thus, Fontanafredda produce a wide range of worthy Piedmontese wines that fit perfectly in the wine lists of the best restaurants and has consistently receive high marks wine critics. The world-renowned Robert Parker calls Fontanafredda "one of the great names of wine of Piedmont."

Tasting note: The bouquet is reminiscent of exotic fruits, matured pears and acacia honey. In the mouth is warm, velvety, sweet with a nice acidity level, giving the wine freshness and a long lasting aftertaste.

Growing System: Guyot

Soil Composition: sandy soil is reach in yellow, calcareous marl

Production: The grapes are collected in 20 kg baskets. 50% of the grapes are de-stemmed, crushed and submitted to a cold maceration for 24 hours at a temperature of 10° C. At the end of the maceration grapes are softly pressed. At the same time the residual 50% of the grapes are directly put into the presses prior to crushing. The first juice (the "flower") is then separated from the skins through a gentle pressing. The must obtained from these two vinification methods is kept in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature, where the fermentation is carried out at a low temperature of 18 - 20C provided a refrigeration and static decantation of the must is previously completed. Once the fermentation is finished, the wine obtained from cryomaceration is then put together with the one obtained with traditional method and stored at 5° C in order to prevent the malolactic fermentation to take place.

The wine is kept in steel tanks for 4-5 months at low temperature and on the finest dregs in order to improve the aromatics. The wine is subject to cold stabilisation and bottle before release.

Alcohol (%) 13%