Producer: Manni Nossing

Grape: Muller Thurgau 100%

Pronunciation: ‘Mew-ler Ter-gow’

Region: Sudtriol, Alto-Adige

Zone: DOC Alto Adige

Producer Info:

Asking other Alto Adige producers for their ‘hidden gem’ winery in the region, and many will tell you of Manni Nössing. Pre his first vintage under his own label, Manfred ‘Manni’ Nössing was selling the fruit from his own vines to famous local co-op Abbazia di Novacella. Even in his first few years of production, the wine was only sold in Italy until mounting pressure persuaded him to allocate some of his wine for export. His tiny winery has, since 2000, been producing some of the most highly regarded (and hard to get) wine from this ‘Austrian corner’ of Italy. An untrained winemaker, Manni has however embodied the region’s trend towards impeccably clean winemaking with a hand’s-off approach, and it shows in his gorgeous wines of pristine clarity, fruit purity and a mineral lift. He has since expanded his vineyard holdings, still only just 5 ha in total.

Tasting note: a decisive, intense wine, with plenty of saline minerality buffering the bright citrus and floral notes. Lime, pear, jasmine and slate inform the powerful, intense finish. Here, too the balance of fruit and acidity is superb.

Growing System: Guyot

Soil Composition: Sandy, Granite

Production: Controlled-temperature fermentation in stainless steel vats lasts about 10-12 days. After fermentation the wines age on the fine lees for eight months

Alcohol (%) 12.5%