Producer: A.A. Mario Giribaldi

Grape: Nebbiolo

Pronunciation: ‘nebb-yolo’

Region: Langhe, Piemonte

Zone: DOC of Nebbiolo d'Alba

Producer Info:

The Giribaldi Estate was founded at the beginning of the 1900’s and remains a true family-based and motivated winemaker under the present head, Mario.

Tasting note: Nebbiolo is this region’s and arguably Italy’s great red variety. This is has the firm but lively finish of Nebbiolo, with aromas of dark fruits and licorice which open up to flowers and spice. Ideal for meat, aged and strong cheese and rich pasta.

Growing System: Guyot with around 5.300 vines per hectare

Soil Composition: Dry soil marl-calcareous

Alcohol (%) 14%