Producer: Castello di Neive

Grape: Nebbiolo 100%

Pronunciation: ‘Nebi-oh-lo”

Region: Barbaresco, Piedmont

Zone: DOC of Barbaresco

Producer Info:

The Castello di Neive winery began when Giacomo Stupino, the family patriarch, capitalized on his experience as a surveyor and his knowledge of the area to purchase favorable vineyards and land whenever possible. In the small cellars of their family home, the Stupino’s began their first wine production (including Messoirano, Montebertotto, Basarin, Valtorta, and i Cortini) and, over time, their acquired vineyards grew with the family’s production and ambitions. In 1964 the family purchased the castle with its spacious cellars, along with more land and farmsteads in Santo Stefano and Marcorino. This marked a turning point when the Stupino’s were able to renovate the castle cellars and reorganize their vineyards to produce wine according to modern methods. When Giacomo died in 1970, Giulio and Italo oversaw the transition from tenant farming to direct management of the land, initiating production and export of Castello di Neive wines abroad.

Tasting note: "Perhaps the highest praise that could be heaped upon a wine of such unique geographical significance is that it tastes of its area, specifically that this is quintessential Neive Barbaresco. Terroir has almost become useless hyperbole, such is its overuse, but in this case it's intended and necessary. Deep raspberry, 'redskins', amarena cherries and rose petal draped over a wound, mineral core. Wild fennel and sweet dried herbs give this away as Nebbiolo whilst the wines natural depth, body and plentiful tannin are classic Neive. We recently tasted an '09 of this wine which was beginning to hit its straps, suggesting to me that this elegant young 2013 has a good decade ahead of it"

Growing System: Guyot

Soil Composition: Calcareous

Production: Fermentation in stainless steel tanks for 12 days followed by 3 years aging in seasoned French oak barrels prior to release

Alcohol (%) 14.5%