Producer: Pellegrino

Grape: Muscat di Alexandria100%

Pronunciation: ‘Mus-ket di alecks-an-dria’

Region: Sicily, Italy

Zone: Province of Trapani, Pantelleria DOC

Producer Info:

Founded in 1880, the Pellegrino family farms stretch for more than 300 hectares across many kinds of soil and microclimates. More than three hundred growers supply Pellegrino with grapes grown across the island. Carlo Pellegrino has invested substantial resources and is actively promoting the revival of production of its famous Moscatos and raisin wines.

Tasting note: Complex and elegant in style with an aroma of dried fruit and apricots. Great with baked sweet dishes or chocolate desserts

Growing System: Guyot

Production: Soft pressing and fermentation at controlled temperature with the addition of neutral alcohol from wine grapes and dried raisins. Aged in stainless steel at a controlled temperature with completion in bottle.

Alcohol (%) 15%