Producer: A.A. Mario Giribaldi

Grape: Nebbiolo

Pronunciation: ‘nebb-yolo’

Region: Langhe, Piemonte

Zone: DOC of Langhe Nebbiolo

Producer Info:

The Giribaldi Estate was founded at the beginning of the 1900’s and remains a true family-based and motivated winemaker under the present head, Mario.

Tasting note: This Nebbiolo d’Alba offers remarkable freshness of its fruit flavors that come off as cherry, raspberry and plum. It’s an easy, straightforward wine with a very approachable drinking style. The wine shows the informal and playful side of Piedmont’s most noble grape.

Growing System: Guyot with around 5.300 vines per hectare

Soil Composition: Dry soil marl-calcareous

Alcohol (%) 14%