Producer: Brezza

Grape: 100% Nebbiolo

Pronunciation: ‘Nebi-oh-lo’

Region: Piemonte, italy

Zone: DOC of Piemonte

Producer Info:

The Brezza wines, having certainly moved into the big league of producers with a decade of consistent high-rankings, remain firmly in the traditional school. Concrete tanks, long macerations (around 30 days) and big wood, characterize the gentle, traditional flow in the cellars beneath the Hotel Barolo.

Tasting note: The lighter soils and west facing exposure of these small patches of Nebbiolo, in the middle of elite Barolo country, results in a wine of lighter and more fruity style. The first characters are of roses, orange and red fruits, although it opens up slowly to more (it is Nebbiolo, after all!) notes of dried herb, spice and fennel seed. The tannins are Nebbiolo as well, firm but lively, and the whole package is generally open and accessible.

Growing System: Guyot

Production: The vinification is designed to maximize the freshness and elegance of the wine. The fermentation and maceration last 6 to 10 days, with the temperature about 18-20°C to encourage malolactic fermentation. In December, the wine, already quite clear, is put into oak for 6 months, after which in undergoes bottle-ageing for a similar period. Once the wine is released, it is at that point ready for consumption

Alcohol (%) 13.5%