Producer: Isole e Olena

Grape: 100% Sangiovese

Pronunciation: ‘San-gee-oh-ve-ze’

Region: Tuscany

Zone: IGT of Toscana

Producer Info:

The concept and style of Cepparello was developed by Paolo De Marchi over a period beginning on the mid 1970’s. The wine is named after a small stream, Borro Cepparello, originating in the highest point of the vineyards on the ISOLE e OLENA estate. The label is an original nineteenth century design used by the De Marchi family winery, Proprietà Sperino, in Northern Piemonte. First vintage 1980.

Tasting note: A deep crimson red colour. Typical sour cherry and red fruit character with bramble notes. The palate has a supple, lithe character full of perfumed fruit and is given depth by a mineral vein. Structure comes from the taut acidity and tannin structure.

Growing System: Guyot

Production: After crushing, the must is fermented in oak vats on the skins for about three weeks, with delestage (rack and return) and is pumped over twice a day. During fermentation, temperatures reach up to 30-32°C. Delestage is a method of extraction used during the fermentation, which gives wines of good colour and softer tannins. The maceration tank is emptied of fermenting must, the cap allowed to dry out for two to three hours and then the must is gently poured back over the cap. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is racked into barrels. It is 100% barrel-aged, 1/3 in new, 1/3 in one year old oak and the remaining third is put into two year old oak. Most barrels are French oak, with a tiny presence of American oak (3-5%). The wine remains in barrel for 18 months and then ages in bottle for one year before release. It has a further potential of 10 and more years.

Alcohol (%) 14.5%