Producer: Giuseppina Vallana

Grape: Spanna (Nebbiolo) 100%

Pronunciation: ‘Nebbi-yolo’

Region: Gattinara, Alto Piedmont

Zone: Gattinara DOCG

Producer Info:

As the Vallana family explains, Spanna, the local name for Nebbiolo, is a grape of terroir. While the Langhe showcases a beautiful expression, especially in the Barolo and Barbaresco regions, no list is complete without the wines of Alto Piemonte. Here, at the base of the Alps, at the foot of Monte Rosa, where the Mediterranean and Continental climates meet, Alto Piemonte takes on a charming and highly aromatic character. Alto Piemonte has acidic soils, rather than the alkaline soils of the Langhe, giving the wine its acid backbone and ultimately the structure and character that adds to the age ability. These vineyard sites are on gently sloping terraces along the left bank of the river Sesia and Lake Maggiore. Vallana owns vineyard sites within Colline Novaresi including the 2 important crus of Boca and Gattinara.

King of Alto Piemonte! Characterized by its structure and power, this wine is the ultimate expression of the Alto Piemontese personality. Gattinara was officially recognized as a DOCG in 1967, but recent archeological findings trace the vineyards back to Roman times. Its names appears in documents from Charlemagne, as well as Spain’s King Charles V. Strict DOCG guidelines dictate this wines development from vine to bottle.

Vallana’s high altitude Nebbiolo vines are original clones that predate the appellation itself.

Tasting note: Sweet mature fruit, roses, dried cherries. Gentle and deep with wonderful presence in the mouth, magnificent balance and finishes with firm, sweet, smooth tannins.

Growing System: Guyot

Soil Composition: The soil of the moraines is rich in iron and other micro-elements essential to the growth of the grapevine. The porphyrite rock contained in the moraine causes the acid condition of the soil, which is a peculiarity of this area, as in most wine-growing regions (even in southern Piedmont) the soil is alkaline.

Production: After being hand harvested and vetted in the winery, the crushed fruit undergoes a 24 hour cold soak before being transferred to cement tanks. As with their other cru wines, each vessel is treated as a separate entity before the final blending process. The blend is transferred to large cask (5 to 12 HL) where it ages for two years.

Alcohol (%) 13.5%