Producer: Giacomo Conterno

Grape: 100% Nebbiolo

Pronunciation: ‘nebbi-oh-lo’

Region: Serralunga, Barolo

Zone: DOCG Barolo

Producer Info:

The ultimate and purest expression of Barolo can be found in bottles bearing the Giacomo Conterno name. In fact, they represent the ideal of traditional Barolo: rich, powerful, massively structured, and capable of long aging in bottle.

During the '40s, '50s and '60s, the Conternos could produce their epic Barolos by relying on small, independent farmers who worked their old, low-yielding vines. But by the 1970s, those farmers began increasingly to make their own wines. Threatened with the loss of their fruit sources, Giovanni acquired Serralunga's great Cascina Francia vineyard. With its fabulous exposure, and predominately calcareous soil, the site was perfect for the powerful Conterno style, and soon Cascina Francia became the sole source of their wines.

Tasting note: The 2005 shows classic Monfortino trademarks of dark fruit, earth, smoke and game. What stands out in the 2005 Monfortino is its level of delineation and the delicacy with which it expresses itself. There's a clarity and a palpable sense of minerality that's just amazing.Monfortino's famous intensity is proudly on display, but in a way that's discreet and beautifully harmonious. 05 offers an intriguing stylistic contrast to the density and severity of the bookend vintages of 04 and 06.

Growing System: Guyot

Soil Composition: Calcareous, limestone.

Production: Fermentation: 4-5 weeks in wooden vats with regular breaking-up of the caps. No temperature control. Followed by a minimum 7 years aging in large oak barrels.

In years of outstanding quality, a selection is made while the Nebbiolo grapes are still on the vines, and the very best are reserved to become Monfortino. The two Barolos are fermented identically, with the exception that no temperature control is employed for Monfortino no matter how high the temperatures may go. The wines are then racked into their respective botti for élevage. The Barolo "Cascina Francia" is bottled after approximately four years in wood, and the Monfortino after approximately seven years.

Alcohol (%) 14.5%