Producer: Biondi Santi

Grape: 100% Sangiovese

Pronunciation: ‘Brun-ello’

Region: Toscana, Italy

Zone: DOCG Brunello di Montalcino

Producer Info:

Biondi Santi remains a beacon for traditionally made Rosso and Brunello di Montalcino. the Greppo vineyards of the Biondi Santi family date back to the 1800's. Clemente Santi, nephew of Giorgio Santi, was the first to create red wines suitable for aging, and his oenological techniques learnt through agriculture, chemistry and science were far more advanced than his peers. Clemente's knowledge was passed on to his nephew Ferruccio Biondi Santi, who skillfully continued to run the Greppo estate, and managed by Franco Biondi Santi, along with the help of his 2 children, who will eventually take on the business themselves

Tasting note:

The estate called 2004 an 'exceptional' vintage, and the resulting Brunello is very much the type that Franco Biondi Santi himself favoured: intensly aromatic, ethereal, delineated, silky and refined. now with upwards of a decade of maturity, this balanced '04 Biondi Santi Brunello is coming into its own, offering a touch of tertiary development to its core of sweet red fruit, dried rose petals, earth and telltale Montalcino terrior.

Growing System: Guyot

Soil Composition: various origins, rich in stones. The best are the ones rich in marl.

Production: Biondi Santi harvests early. the wines are subject to a long maceration period, in steel for the straight Brunello, and oak for the Riserva, and are then aged in large oak casks.

Alcohol (%) 13.5%