Zitta's richly flavoured and beautifully balanced wines are handmade in the traditional way to capture the true character of the De Fazio vineyard's exceptional fruit. Established in 1864 on the banks of the Greenock Creek at Greenock in the North Western Barossa Valley, South Australia, the topographically blessed vineyard's proud story is told in every natural, unforced drop. Angelo de Fazio is a winemaker of patience and time-honoured practice, allowing the grapes to show their potential and crafting wines with as minimal intervention as he sees fit.

Angelo’s father, Gaspere, migrated to South Australia to start a new life shortly after the second world war. He continued working with vines and was particularly drawn to the Greenock/Moppa region in the North Western Barossa Valley, noticing a striking similarity between its topography and that of his homeland in Southern Italy. Although the opportunity to purchase his own vineyard there unfortunately never presented itself, Gaspere was careful to pass on his priceless knowledge and observations to Angelo, who has proudly made the De Fazio  family vineyard a reality. This is Zitta’s unique heritage, and the dedication it brings to the traditional, old world art of natural wine making is now realised every vintage by Angelo.

This small section of Greenock is characterised by its ironstone, which contributes to both the wine’s richness and finesse. The shiraz always have a densely packed core of black fruit, along with a silkiness that defines the Zitta style. His Chardonnay, made like Chablis (unoaked, but plenty of time ageing in tank), will surprise most people with its class and the other wines - Grenache and GSM which are only available in small allocations - show a deft touch and incredibly good fruit from the hand nurtured old vines.

Everything is hand-picked and the only thing added is sulphur.

Owner Angelo De Fazio says that all he knows about viticulture and winemaking came from his father (and generations before him). The Zitta vineyard dates back to 1864, with a few vines remaining from that time, and a block planted with cuttings taken from those vines. Shiraz dominates the plantings (22ha), the balance made up of chardonnay, grenache and a few mourvedre vines; only a small amount of the production is retained for the Zitta label. The property has two branches of the Greenock Creek running through it, and the soils reflect the ancient geological history of the site, in part with a subsoil of river pebbles reflecting the course of a long-gone river 

James Halliday - James Halliday’s Wine Companion