At Mercato we believe the old Italian proverb ‘A tavola nessuno diventa vecchio’ translated to ‘At the table no one grows old’, so much so that we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best selection of local and imported fine foods to our customers. 

Mercato aims to present local and Italian produce of quality, authenticity and consistency. Innovation and education is paramount to our message, our staff endeavour to make visiting Mercato an experience in discovery. Our location in beautiful South Australia allows us to not only specialise in all things Italian but also the bountiful bevy that our State produces.

Within our grocery we stock all the essentials for the Italian kitchen. From flours, herbs and oils to pastas, sauces and sweets. Our commitment to bringing quality and authenticity is shown in our production of exclusive homemade olive oil every winter, homemade sauce every summer and fresh pasta every Monday. Working with local businesses we sourced and blend our own coffee blend which we can grind to order. 

Our deli contains the best antipasto from across Italy and Australia. We showcase the best from our olives and vegetables, to our cured meats and cheeses. Our family carefully craft platters and ready to go meals for your enjoyment. Our freezer selections allows you to have pastries, handmade pasta and gelato at your fingertips at all times.  

In Bar Mercato guests can taste authentic and traditional Italian fare in a casual and comfortable setting. Drawing inspiration from the cafes of Italy to offer both breakfast and lunch alongside coffee, traditional sweets and Italian beverages such as spritz, wine and amaro.   

We want to influence what nourishes you by sharing our knowledge, our recipes and our history. This is done through tastings, demonstrations, special events and personalised shopping experiences. La Familgia (the family) is at the core of our ethos, we wish to be a part of your family by becoming a staple of the pantry, a feature of the family meal and an essential component of the weekly shop.