La Cantina features Italian wines of regionality and authenticity from small family growers known for their care in vineyard and winery. Much of the range is exclusively imported by La Cantina Australia, in conjunction with Mercato, a family-owned business with over 40 years of both servicing South Australia’s Italians and in introducing the Italian taste to a wider audience.

Italian wines were conceived to complement Italian food and we are sure our wines match the wonderful Italian and local produce available throughout the store. We aim to be your first thought when wanting to explore and buy Italian wines. We have enlisted the help of a renowned expert on Italian wines, David Ridge (already a customer of ours) to help us with the choice and development of our wines.

La Cantina also offers an unusually interesting range of Italian liqueurs - the well known, the rare and sought-after. A particular speciality of ours is a collection of Grappa’s from the Marolo Distillery in Piemonte, a certified artisanal producer covering the ages, styles and varieties of this fascinating spirit. We also stock other well known Italian brand names such as Alberti Strega, Meletti, Fratelli Revello, Zuccolo and Paolo Conterno, just to name a few.

Open 7 days a week, a visit to our gourmet store in Campbelltown, Adelaide for quintessential Italian food and wine is a must. 

Buon apetito!